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Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 For 366

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 For 366 ===>

Eptar Reinforcement 1.36 For 366

With this add-on you can quickly place reinforcement points according to pre-defined BIM objects such as rebars, stairs, etc. to get a reinforced geometry. It is much faster than a construction plan and it also supports more complex shapes than a simple box or plane. Also, you can create strong / weak construction lines as well as detailed reinforcement.

With this add-on, you can place reinforcement points in accordance to pre-defined BIM objects like stairs, partitions, etc. They are created in a separate tool which you can open at the bottom of the architectural document in the construction space. Therefore, you can get a reinforced geometry in a few seconds. In this way you can create reinforced geometry and reinforced drawings very easily.

The program will calculate the necessary amount of reinforcement based on the plan or section drawing. It is easy to calculate the required amount of reinforcement for various sections of buildings.

This program offers a library of different reinforcement objects and an add-on. It provides great freedom in defining constructions and also helps to specify complex objects. The reinforcement tool helps ArchiCAD users to draw both regular and regular reinforced structures and define the necessary reinforcement or blocks.

This program's library contains a number of reinforcement objects (called reinforcement blocks and reinforcement objects), and this library can be used in a number of ways. Users can import the library to create full-scale reinforced structures.

This program is a versatile library of reinforcement objects. It contains a variety of tools and has a number of features (for example, reinforcement tool, sectioning, elevation tool, and so on) to allow the user to draw full-scale reinforced structures in the latest version of Archicad. It is possible to change the properties of the structures you draw, the properties of reinforcement objects, and visual properties. 3d9ccd7d82


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