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The IPad Is Back

Swipe from left to right across the screen of your iPad when you want to go back to the previous screen. For example, you are looking at the third screen of your iPad, where your spreadsheet and utilities apps are located, and you want to go back to the second screen, which contains folders filled with memos from vendors and clients. The swiping gesture also lets you go back when you are viewing images with the native Photos app.

The iPad is back


CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today introduced the new iPad with an all-screen design featuring a large 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. The new iPad is powered by the A14 Bionic chip, which delivers even faster performance with incredible power efficiency for demanding tasks while still providing all-day battery life.1 Updated cameras include an Ultra Wide 12MP front camera located along the landscape edge of iPad for an even better video calling experience, and an updated 12MP back camera to capture sharp, vivid photos and 4K video. A USB-C port supports a wide range of accessories, Wi-Fi 6 brings even faster connections, and cellular models feature superfast 5G so users can stay connected on the go. Designed specifically for the new iPad, the all-new Magic Keyboard Folio features an incredible typing experience, a click-anywhere trackpad, and a versatile two-piece design. With iPadOS 16 and support for Apple Pencil (1st generation),2 iPad offers users more ways to be creative and productive. The new iPad is available to order starting today, with availability in stores beginning Wednesday, October 26.

For the first time on any iPad, the front-facing camera is now located along the landscape edge. Whether users are on a FaceTime call or recording a video for social media, they will always be looking right toward the camera. The landscape Ultra Wide front camera with a 12MP sensor and 122-degree field of view supports Center Stage, which automatically pans and zooms to keep users in view as they move around. The upgraded 12MP Wide back camera on iPad delivers high-resolution photos and detailed 4K video with support for 240-fps slo-mo.

Dual microphones are designed to work in unison with the cameras, capturing audio from the camera being used and minimizing distracting background noise. New landscape stereo speakers, combined with the larger display on iPad, offer a great video-viewing experience.

Accessories extend the versatility of iPad and open up even more possibilities for creativity and productivity. The new Magic Keyboard Folio, designed for the new iPad, delivers an incredible typing experience with full-size keys, 1 mm of travel, and responsive feel. For the first time, iPad will have a keyboard with a large trackpad and support for a click-anywhere experience and Multi-Touch gestures, which makes scrolling, swiping, pinching, and moving the cursor even more seamless. The new 14-key function row allows for easy access to shortcuts and everyday tasks, like adjusting the volume or display brightness. The highly configurable and versatile two-piece design includes a detachable keyboard and a protective back cover that attaches magnetically to iPad. The keyboard magnetically attaches to the Smart Connector on the edge of iPad, which provides power and data. This means the keyboard never needs to be charged or paired, and users can easily fold the keyboard behind iPad or detach it entirely. The back cover has an adjustable stand for even more flexibility when playing games, watching video, and more.

Thankfully, it's very easy to keep your iPad backed up. A backup includes all of your device settings and preferences, installed apps, and data (including music, photos, video, books, and everything else on the device).

Under "Choose Data to Back Up," you should now see a list of all the apps installed on your iPad. (You might need to tap "Show All Apps" to see them all.) Since iOS stores all the data with its app, turning off an app like "Photos" also stops the iPad from backing up your photos and videos.

Rather than backing up to the cloud, you can choose to back up to your personal computer using iTunes. At one time, this was the only backup method Apple offered, and some people are still more comfortable with having a backup stored locally. That said, this is less convenient and more subject to failure (your iCloud backup is accessible from anywhere and won't disappear if your computer's hard drive fails, for example).

@imenace , dam, Just a thought, instead of replacing the back cover at probably considerable expense, maybe remove the back cover (1st link guide to show disassembling)and push the dent out the best you can and if not satisfied cosmetically put a nice wrap on the iPad or hard back case cover. Good luck.

Speaking of zooming, there is naturally no dedicated telephoto camera on it, seeing how there is just one shooter on the back. The iPad can still do zoomed shots, although entirely digital. There is a toggle for 2x zoom in the camera UI. These shots are probably best described as usable. Nothing beyond that, though.

If you're one of those people that don't like putting cases on your iPad not only because of the extra weight but also the bright colors and weird designs, the Atic TPU case is as minimalist as you can get.This incredibly thin and completely clear TPU case fits snuggly on your iPad and has precise cutouts for all the ports and buttons so you won't lose any functionality. Plus, it even has a very slight edge around the camera to protect the lens from getting scratch when you lay it down on its back.While the Atic TPU case isn't likely to offer you much damage protection if it falls off your desk, for $8 it will allow you to set it down without worrying about what's underneath it.

If you're looking for something thin and lightweight that still offers little protection from the hazards of everyday life, the KHOMO Companion Cover is worth a look.This $13 cover has two layers of protection; a hard polycarbonate back cover and a flexible TPU layer around the edges. Whether it's a small tumble off your coffee table or your keys rubbing up against the back of your iPad in your backpack, the KHOMO Companion Cover should keep it safe.You can pick one up in a plethora of colors including charcoal, ocean blue, yellow, red, mint green, pink sand, and even more!

iCloud Backup lets you restore your device from almost anywhere. It also makes upgrading a breeze. When you set up a new iOS device, for example, the system will ask you if you want to restore from an iCloud backup.

Instead of using iCloud or iTunes, you can use backup apps to back up the data on your iOS device. These types of apps can be helpful, but are usually limited to backing up your photos and your contact list. Other information, such as application data, game data, texts, voicemails, etc., is not typically backed up by these apps. The most comprehensive way to back up and restore the data on your iPhone is to use either iCloud or iTunes, or both.

The combination of iCloud backups, iTunes or Finder backups, and Backblaze provides you with a foolproof way to keep your mobile data safe and sound. For more on how to keep your data safe, read about the 3-2-1 backup strategy, which we think is the best way to make sure your data is safe.

If your keyboard is still stuck, even after you docked it, try restarting your iPad. We like using Settings > General > Shut Down and then power back up to restart all types of iPads, with or without home buttons.

What is wrong with you people @apple?Why are you implementing changes without uses asking for it. I do not mean update of apps but you keep changing where my keybord is located and you even made is split keyboard. All you do with that is making uses angry and confused. When my ipad needs to be replaced it will be android, fed up with your attitude. if you absolutly feel that you want users to have the keyboard splitted in the middle of the screen where it makes absolutly no sense to have it, find a way to inform them, but PLEASE STOP MAKING AUTOMATIC angry, soon x apple user.Zdenko Zivkovic

A case that gets the best out of an iPad or even adds new functions should be something on your list. For example, the Apple Smart Cover can work as a stand, protects the front and the back of the iPad while also saving battery with the wake/sleep function.

I am using SwiftUI to build an app and when I tested it on iPad and iPhone, there is a difference. My views are different in iPad and it is showed by tapping back button as a hamburger. The thing is that I have 3 tabs and my first tab is okay. However, 2nd and third tabs are having this issue. I was wondering if you could help me fix it.

I plan to buy an iPhone 6S Plus from a client, but they want me to transfer all their data to their old 5C. I backed it up in iTunes, then plugged in the 5C, but the 6s backup is nowhere to be seen from the drop down list!

Hi guys, thanks for commenting. This one's an old chestnut: it's caused by one of the phones running a different version of iOS to the backup. Upgrade one or other so that they're running the same version, then update the backup. That'll sort it out!

First of all; Thanks for the easy and helpful steps to get this far in the process. I am just curious as I am copying my backup off of my pc if it just as simple as me copying this backup off of my (non internet accessible) pc onto a hard drive, then I can drag and drop into the list of backups on the new Mac. I am trying to restore my old backup onto my new iPhone six, but my pc has lost ability to connect to the Internet, so I can't download the new iTunes update to be able to work with my iPhone six.

Hi Brian, the iOS device does all the work when making a backup and simply relays the data to the PC or Mac (or to iCloud). They use this format partly to make it straightforward (and fast!) for the device, but also to discourage inadvertent modification of files, and to easily be able to layer encryption on top. It works pretty well in most cases! 350c69d7ab


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